Chocoholics Unite!

No matter what you call it, or how you mark the day, chocolate goes hand-in-hand with February 14. And, as it falls on a Monday this year, a little touch of sweetness might be just what you need. We've rounded up some of our best chocolate recipes from the last ten years - from cookies and scones to truffles and mousse, and more! Go ahead, buy the best chocolate, and treat yourself and your loved ones!


Chocolate Truffles

Truffles are one of the few perfect bites out there: rich, decadent chocolate, be it dark, bittersweet, semisweet, or milk, combined with just about any flavour combination you can imagine - you can even get creative with the coatings! We're bringing back two recipes for you: Orange Cardamom Truffles, and Milk Chocolate Amaretto Truffles. Don't worry about choosing - they're so easy to make you can go ahead and make them both!

Brown Buttter Brownies

There's something about a warm, ooey-gooey, chocolatey brownie that just makes everything okay. These brown butter brownies come together in a snap, and the combination of chocolate with nutty brown butter makes them extra special. We're not saying you should eat them straight from the pan, but we're not stopping you, either.


Ladybug Chocolate Mousse

How sweet are these? They may take a little more time to create, but the result is worth it - little portions of light,  chocolatey satisfaction; it's like eating a cloud for dessert! You may even find yourself sneaking to the fridge long after everyone else has gone to sleep to indulge in that dreamy texture and flavour once more.

Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Ask anyone what their favourite kind of cookie is and they'll probably say 'chocolate chip'. And, while most recipes call for semisweet chocolate chips, these are made with chunks of dark chocolate - not too sweet, but still perfect for dunking. Make a double batch, and be sure to share them with your loved-ones!


Notable Warm chocolate pudding

This one is sure to have you scraping the sides of your bowl! This chocolate pudding is another one of those treats that just has to be consumed warm, preferably with a dollop of ice cream. And, there's a bonus centre of molten chocolate when you first dig your spoon in. 

Sweet Scones with dark chocolate and apples

Chocolate for breakfast?  Yes, please! Pair them with your morning coffee or tea with some whipped butter or sharp cheddar on the side, and take a moment just for yourself.