December Spirits

After our rather… brisk November, it’s likely that we are firmly in the chilled embrace of winter – and in only six(ish) short months, we’ll be seeing the back end of our longest season. This December, we’ve recommended some very new products to our market – focusing on brown spirits like whisky and cognac – perfect for those chilly days, tequila – both reposado and blanco – for when dreaming of a warmer climate or for those brave souls who love getting out in the cold.


Two Brewers Yukon Single Malt “Release 36” Special Finishes

Yukon, Canada

Here is something a little different. A cask strength single malt from the Yukon – and one that has been finished in moscatel sherry casks. Rather fiery, even for 46 percent, but supporting all those cereal tones are plump raisin, stone fruits, and a bit of a marmalade finish. Best with a little bit of water to cut the heat some, but a fine spirit to enjoy on a cold day. 

CSPC +877433 $100-110

Severo Tequila Reposado, Mexico

Tequilera Don Roberto is coming up for its centenary in a couple of years, and one of only two Mexican, family-owned, tequila businesses still run by the same family. Their Severo Reposado is matured for 10 months in American white oak and it shows; we’re enjoying the depth and richness almost of an anejo, with underlying demerara sugar and vanilla on the nose mixed with notes of clementine peel. Soft and rounded on the palate, with joyous highlights of salted caramel, sip this warming reposado on its (and your) own.

CSPC +870412 $


Dillon’s Single Grain Rye Whisky

Ontario, Canada

There is a resurgence of rye whisky happening, and honestly – it’s about time. We are seeing more, quality driven, premium rye whiskies that aren’t cutting corners, but doing it right. Dillon’s seems to have it figured out with their Single Grain (that means all-rye!) where spice leads the way over gentle honey, leather, and floral characters, but also a fine, sensual texture over the palate. Absolutely perfect neat, but exactly the sort of rye whisky to round out your collection. 

CSPC +794775 $40-45 

Volcan de mi Tierra Tequila Blanco


Moët Hennessy’s newest venture, the Volcan de mi Tierra tequila distillery, is creating premium tequilas (blanco, cristalino and reposado) from their agave pinas planted in the volcanic region over the last five years. Bright, fresh, mint and grapefruit citrus flavours from the highlands are to the fore in the blanco, a complex blend of both highland (Altos) and lowland (Valles) agave, with fruity cherry and cooked sweet agave permeating throughout - perfect for your margaritas, palomas, and mules!

CSPC +814440 $70-74


Tesseron Composition Fine Champagne Cognac, France

The Tesseron family have been known for XO and beyond cognacs for a couple of hundred years, storing premium Fine Champagne eau-de-vie in their chateau’s 12th century crypt, protected by guard dogs 24/7. Now they’ve ventured out with Composition, a younger blend of Grande and Petite Champagne cognac, with at least 50% Premier Cru. It’s definitely Christmas when you sip this beautiful cognac with flavours of apricot and plum pudding with chocolate undertones – mmm, yes please!

CSPC +853954 $90-94

X by Glenmorangie, Scotland

In a month, Glenmorangie (valley of tranquility) will have been one of the best-selling single malts in Scotland for 40 years! They lay claim to Scotland’s tallest stills (with necks as tall as a giraffe’s), and their latest offering is the ‘X’, a single malt meant for mixing, still with the trademark lightness and finesse, yet a little sweeter and richer. Lemon brings out those delicious citrus flavours, nowhere better than a simple hot toddy on these cold nights, but go for it, get playful and experiment this winter!

CSPC +849832 $60-63