Gin is In for June

Gin is what’s on our minds. After a seemingly endless winter, with some brutally cold days,and a little wintertime apathy affecting most of us, we are clamouring to get out on thedeck, relax on the patio, or just even take in the summertime heat–and for that, we’vebeen thinking about gin. Not just any gin, we’ve been sampling and tasting a number ofcool, unique, and fairly far out there examples and have some recommendations from Italy, Scotland, Newfoundland, and yes, a few from Alberta too!


Don’t forget to stock up on some tonic while you are out!


Emporia Mediterranean Gin, Calabria, Italy

A very expressive gin to beat the heat with showing off stronger herbal and citrus characters on the nose. It’s on the palate that this really starts to come together, all those herbs and botanical notes over spice and a not too bitter finish, but still quite a lot of depth and a fantastic smoothness that should make this a key element to a martini or simple cocktail.

CSPC +845736 $55-57

District Distillery Empire Gin, Alberta

A polished and exotic gin, that was a pleasure to enjoy, District Distillery is making some seriously noteworthy bottles in St. Albert. Showing off floral and potent botanicals, with a clean, almost warming profile, but it’s in the mouth that the care and attention really come through with spice and a rather mellow finish. Perfect for gin-centric cocktails or drinks where you still want to taste the spirit, but not have it overwhelm or still be suitable in a simple drink. 

CSPC +856064 $45 at the distillery


The Newfoundland Distillery Co. Seaweed Gin, Newfoundland


We so love the focus on using local ingredients to give a sense of place, and Newfoundland Distillery use locally grown barley for both their gins, and pick all the botanicals from the land nearby or from the sea. For their Seaweed Gin, they macerate juniper and dulse together for six months and add savory, resulting in a delicate, sweet nose, and a deliciously salty, herbaceous flavour. I’d be very happy to sip this neat – or with a touch of olive brine in my martini!

CSPC +817404 $47-50

The Newfoundland Distillery Co. Cloudberry Gin, Newfoundland

Newfoundland Distillery’s Cloudberry Gin is surprising (in a good way) as it’s so different to the Seaweed Gin, equally delicious but much more fruity. There they call these yellow raspberry-like berries bakeapples, and they add juniper from Placentia Bay, and a touch of savoury to the maceration before triple distilling. It’s bright and a little citrus – perfect for what they call an ‘Atlantic 75’, adding just lemon juice, simple syrup, and sparkling wine for a summer celebration drink.

CSPC +834507 $47-50


Burwood Distillery Grapefruit and Lemongrass Gin, Alberta

Completing the trio of Garden Party small batch seasonal gins launched last year with the Cucumber Gin and Triple Berry Gin, Calgary’s Burwood Distillery have now released their new Grapefruit and Lemongrass Gin. Its citrus-juniper nose is fresh and inviting, and it’s full of flavour - ideal for so many drinks. We’re thinking gimlets, salty dogs, any number of fizzes, and sangria. And the delicate pink colour is perfect for summer garden parties.

CSPC +869169 Around $50

Isle of Raasay Gin, Scotland

Scotland’s Raasay Island is about the same size as Manhattan but with only 160 residents, many of whom work at the distillery. Their gin is the first legal spirit from this island known for centuries of illicit distilling – and it’s a beauty. Made with water from their well and ten botanicals, it opens with notes of sweet citrus and rhubarb which follow through to the palate. It doesn’t need tonic yet makes a great G&T, but even better add a little Lillet Blanc and orange zest for a superb martini!

CSPC +846751 $70-73