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Chef Blair Lebsack's Braised Bison with Celeriac Mashed Potatoes and Hazelnut-Onion Relish

One of the core values at Edmonton’s RGE RD is to help educate people about the cuisine found in their own region. “We want to connect them to producers that support a more intentional and ethical way of growing food,” says owner and chef Blair Lebsack.  


In addition to the restaurant, there is also a butchery that focuses on whole animal preparation. Nothing goes to waste, which can make for some pretty interesting dishes, says Chef Blair. “One menu item called The Questionable Bits is a favourite. This is an under-utilized cut or offal cut that gets prepared, always in a delicious way.”  


As he knows his way around meat preparation, we asked Chef to hand over a bison recipe. Braised Bison with Celeriac Mashed Potatoes and Hazelnut Onion Relish was created by Chef to celebrate the warmth and comfort of braising cuts of bison. “It’s comforting yet has some elevated flavours throughout.” 


“Have fun while cooking,” says Chef Blair, but keep in mind bison is a bit different from beef. “It’s quite a lean protein. Using lower heat than you would with beef is better; even if that is cooking a hamburger, braising, or searing a steak.”


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