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Crab Tacos

This recipe first appeared in the July / August 2016 issue of Culinaire, courtesy Natalie Findlay.

Grouchy, ill-natured, and bad-tempered - this often misunderstood crustacean has an association as the hardened soul of the ocean's depths. How can this be? Crabs are known to be low in fat, high in protein, and contain an impressive source of vitamin B12. Is it because they make the ocean floor their home, and the hard exoskeleton and extremely strong claws give us the impression that they are not on the friendly side?

Well, I believe the "crabby" moniker is unfounded. How can any creature that produces such a delicious and delicate food, ever be "crabby"? The following recipe will prove that this bottom feeder will make you anything but peevish.


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