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Lutung Salè Manuk (Lemongrass Chicken Soup)

For Chef Ryan Tiqui, co-founder and Owner of Calgary’s Amihan Grill + Bakeshop, his father is his biggest influence when it comes to cooking: “He somehow has this magic of turning simple dishes into extra ordinary meals, and I try to mimic the same passion in cooking that my dad had.”

Because it draws from other cultures, a sense of adventure is a must when it comes to cooking Filipino cuisine, says Chef Ryan. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavours and put a personal touch on the food.”

His favourite dish at Amihan is the Chicken Insal – barbecue chicken marinated in lemon grass, vinegar, and spices. “The lemon grass flavour reminds me of my dad’s favourite dish, Lutung Salè Manuk,” he explains.

A dish native to the Province of Pampanga, Lutung Salè Manuk (Lemon Grass Chicken Soup) is a simple, comforting dish for cold-weather days. Chef Ryan advises to sauté your chicken very well before adding the water and chicken broth to ensure the flavour of the chicken in incorporated.


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