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Linda Garson
Editor-in-Chief / Publisher

Linda Garson has always been a foodie with a passion for wine. She has worked with Chateaux in France, vineyards in Italy, Germany, Australia and South Africa and more. After moving to Calgary, she created Vine and Dine, a wine and food pairing club held in restaurants all over the city. She has earned a reputation as one of Calgary’s prime wine and food experts, educators and influencers, speaking at functions all over the city. Follow Linda at and @vineanddine.


Carmen Cheng

Coming from a long line of food lovers and notorious over-orderers, even at a young age Carmen loved to eat and try different dishes. She believes in learning about different cultures through understanding and honouring their culinary stories. She will try pretty much any food because there’s no room for pretension. Carmen has shared her food adventures on various forms of media including print, online, and television.

If you would like to learn more about our editorial content and direction, have a suggestion as to what you would like to read in Culinaire Magazine, or are interested in becoming a contributing writer, please contact our Editor-in-Chief, Linda Garson
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