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It’s been a few summers since we talked about canned wine, but they are here to stay, and as people are looking for different ways to enjoy a tipple, these are part of the mix for relaxing with a “glass” or two.

Among other reasons, the science behind packaging continues to improve, and consumers finally seem ready to acknowledge that some alternative packaging can be a superior way to have some wine handy (I’m looking at you bag-in-box!). Canned wines – without even talking about the juice in the package, are environmentally responsible, easy to recycle, lightweight, and unbreakable. So they are suitable to bring to the backcountry, enjoy in the park (check your local municipality if chilling with wine in the city limits), and even by the poolside or by the water where broken glass can be a serious hazard.

Finally, if the wine in the can is good, it also makes it a little easy to monitor your beverage consumption with a single serving, where at home, I also find them to be a convenient way to have a little wine nearby for a recipe. Though be warned, a 355 mL can of wine is about 2.5 drinks if you are counting and wine might taste a little different directly from the can instead of your typical glassware.

So change things up a little this summer, and I think you’ll be impressed.


Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon, California

Some days you just want a big, splashy red wine after a long day camping. With classic cabernet flavours of cherry, cedar, and bell pepper (but not too much bell pepper), and plenty of tannins for that big meal, this is a solid choice for a variety of occasions. Did I mention that the can is resealable too? Smart thinking. Did I mention that I also dropped this off my desk by accident? I can attest to its durability too.

CSPC +812629, 375 mL $8-9,


Sterling Chardonnay, California

Packaged in a taller, bigger-mouthed can for a slightly more natural wine drinking experience, this is more of the epitome of California chardonnay. Big flavours and creamy oak with great acids bring all the goods for when you need that bigger, oaky chardonnay. The package does make a difference for enjoyment, but you still might want to share with a friend by that campfire.

CSPC +812628, 375 mL $8-9


Lindeman’s 2019 Shiraz, South Eastern Australia

Bring on the fruit! This little fruit bomb is literally, jam-packed with juicy-sweet berry tones, a little spice, and tannins that are so agreeable you barely know they are there. Lindeman’s is well known in our market for making excellent value wines, and remarkably consistent wines too. This would be an easy match for a little firepit or some slightly burned campsite burgers.

CSPC +809971, 250mL $2-3


Joe To Go Rosé, Oregon, United States

Anything that gets more wine drinkers trying interesting rosé is a good thing. Joe’s shows of delicate berry fruits on the nose with good expressions and balance on the palate. Quite dry and easy to drink, this sort of rosé ticks off those boxes and makes it very easy to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine at the end of the hike.

CSPC +816138 $11-12


Joe To Go Pinot Gris, Oregon, United States

Pinot gris is well suited to be considered a summer sipper with its juicy, apple fruits, mild pear and nectarine flavours, crisp acids and lighter body. I was very impressed by how well balanced this wine was, and how very refreshing. Weird as it can be drinking wine out of a can, it’s quite a nice treat.

CSPC +816140 $11-12


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