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Mushroom and Herb Stuffing

This recipe first appeared in our October 2012 issue of Culinaire courtesy Natalie Findlay.

It’s the details that can turn your stuffing from stove top to chef’s table. If you are making a bread stuffing then try challah, sourdough or rye bread. For a rice stuffing, mix in some wild rice for a nutty flavour. Cornbread pairs nicely with a chorizo stuffing. Your vegetables should be sautéed (in butter and garlic for flavour) and seasoned. Choose good quality ground meat or sausage, cook and add into the rest of your dressing ingredients. The fruits, nuts, herbs, and seasonings are picked from the things you like the most. You could add sweet potato, apple, cinnamon, allspice, walnuts and sage for a sweeter pumpkin pie combination. Prefer something spicy? Chorizo sausage, thyme, and red onion may suit your taste buds. If you are fond of citrus, then incorporate lemon and orange zest, orange juice, ground chicken, sourdough bread and lemon thyme into your blend. This is a time to use your imagination or enhance your family recipe.


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