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Pork Sausage Stuffing

This recipe first appeared in Chef's Tips in our October 2015 issue of Culinaire courtesy Chef Michael Allemeier.

“It’s fun and exciting to have two different types of stuffing,” says Allemeier. With the bird’s two cavities, the smaller one is perfect for a ground pork sausage stuffing while the larger main cavity houses a vegetarian bread-style stuffing. The front cavity only takes about 25 per cent of the main cavity’s stuffing capacity so you don’t need a lot to pack in the flavour.

“What’s nice about this is that the front cavity is smaller so it takes less sausage meat. As the turkey cooks, it renders its flavours into the pan and you can baste it on your bird and keep introducing more flavour,” says Allemeier, adding that the result is “kind of like an English breakfast sausage flavour that’s compatible with the turkey and not too overbearing. What I love best is the part that is sticking out because it gets all crispy and builds up this nice texture, almost like a crouton.”


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