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Strawberry Mousse

Did you know that wild strawberries have been around for thousands of years? And they have been cultivated since the 1300s?  


These beautiful red gems, when kissed by the warmth of the sun, are the sweetest, most decadent fruit you can imagine. It makes sense that they are part of the rose family.  


The beauty of this fruit (and everything at the peak of ripeness) is not to do too much with it. Let the full flavour envelop the taste buds and enjoy perfection. Eat it straight from the plant, garden, container without much fuss. Their official season is short so eat your heart out when they are at their best. 


Most other times of year you are better off buying frozen strawberries that have been picked and flash frozen closer to the peak of their ripeness. The advent of being able to flash freeze foods allows us to enjoy strawberries at all times of the year and still get as close to just picked as possible. Frozen strawberries are better than fresh outside of strawberry season.  

Find more strawberry recipes in the April issue of Culinaire!


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