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The Canadian Classic: Brown Butter Maple Pecan Butter Tarts

Butter tarts are an integral part of our Canadian culinary landscape. However, this classic sweet treat has been known to divide the multitudes on whether raisins should (or shouldn’t!) be included in the filling. It’s incredible how strongly folks feel one way or another, and if family relations are already a little strained, I don’t suggest bringing up the topic at the holiday table. For the record, I try to never have raisins cross these lips under any circumstances, thus you know what team I’m on.

Besides the toasty pecans, this butter tart recipe has few other important change ups. Butter is all important in a butter tart (obviously) and instead of just melting it, I took things one step further and browned it. This adds an extra depth of flavour, with notes of warm caramel. And I’m using pure maple syrup instead of golden or corn syrup. The richness of this syrup pairs so well with the nuts and browned butter, and a little molasses lends an earthy, cozy vibe we’re all wanting at Christmastime.

Since you’re going through the effort of making homemade butter tarts, it’s best to make your own pastry as well. This is fairly straightforward, and yields a light and flaky shell for the sweet and decadent tart. I like to eat these while still warm, with a cup of tea close by. It doesn’t get much better than this.


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