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Asparagus or Fiddleheads with Gribiche

Technically a fern and not a “stalk” per se, fiddleheads are the coiled fronds of young ostrich ferns, which are harvested before they have the chance to unfurl. They grow wild and are foraged come spring, and while you can try to cultivate them should you own property suitable for growing them, there aren’t any local farms you can purchase them from. Because of differences in climate, they tend to grow better in BC than they do here in Alberta, but if you know where to look or are lucky enough to have someone who is willing to divulge their foraging secrets to you, you can find them here and there in the province. They tend to grow best in wetter areas, near water, just make sure as always when you are out foraging that you aren’t traipsing around on private property.

Of note, fiddleheads ought never to be consumed raw because they contain natural toxins that will lead to unpleasant digestive issues like nausea. Thankfully cooking removes these toxins making these delicious, grassy fronds, safe and tasty to consume.


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