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Brandy and Sambuca Mushroom Soup

This recipe first appeared in Chef's Tips in the January / February 2019 issue of Culinaire Magazine courtesy Chef Chris Prinz.

There aren’t too many dishes that can combine almost every food group and still be delicious - it’s one of the many reasons soup is so special. That, and soup can literally be whatever you want it to.


Hot, cold, creamy, healthy, free of gluten (or full of gluten)… pretty much any ingredient you can imagine can gleefully be tossed in a soup. Unlike most other dishes, Chef Prinz says to always leave the seasoning till the end—if you’ve over-salted your soup, there’s no going back.


“If you’re using rosemary in your soup for example, I like to heat up the oil, add chopped rosemary and fry for five minutes - it adds more flavour to your soup,” he says. “Then you keep adding things to build layers of flavour. Cook your soup low and slow, and make sure you taste as you go.”


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