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Caramel Apples

This recipe first appeared in the October 2014 issue of Culinaire, courtesy of Natalie Findlay.

You will need a baking tray, size depending on the amount of apples you are candying, or you can also use an area of your counter. Cover the tray or your counter top with parchment paper and brush it with a light coating of unflavoured oil. If you adding toppings to the candied apple, make sure they are prepared and available to dip, close by.

There really are no limits as to what you can add to coat your candy or caramel apples. The main requirement is to make sure it is chopped finely or crushed into a powder. You will need to dip the coated apples into the topping immediately in order to get the toppings to stick, as the candy or caramel hardens very quickly.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Ginger snap cookies

Salted walnuts, pecans or cashews



Crunchie Bar

Caramel popcorn

Coloured sprinkles



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