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Chef Andrea Harling's Pickled Saskatoon Berries

Comfort and creativity come together at the hands of Chef Andrea Harling at Calgary’s Lil’ Black Rooster and the newly opened Sweatered Hen. Inspired by locally sourced ingredients, Chef Andrea says, “My dishes bring an element of fun to the dining experience.” 


“Good food should be available in all forms, from high end dining all the way down to soups and sandwiches,” she continues. The latter is certainly covered at Lil’ Black Rooster with a menu boasting classics like BLTs and Beef & Cheddar. The Meatballer is Chef Andrea’s fave. 


We asked Chef Andrea for a recipe that uses saskatoon berries and the result is a perfect example of her creativity: Pickled Saskatoons Berries.  


This recipe is a staple for me, and I always have a container of pickled saskatoons in my fridge,” she says, citing their versatility. She suggests using them in salads, as a topping for roasted meats, in cocktails, and desserts. 


Saskatoon berries are such an underrated berry. They are overused, but not treated with enough love. They are a bit dryer than the average berry, but when treated with some respect and care they can really pop!” 


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