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Ham it Up!

A bone-in leg of ham makes a beautiful and extravagant show at the centre of your Easter dining table. A quick, sweet glaze to balance the saltiness from the ham along with a couple of sides such as roasted green beans and garlic mashed potatoes and you’ve got yourself a delicious spring feast. It’s a wonder why we don’t have ham more often?

With all the amazing things you can do with leftover ham and just how easy it is to prepare, you might as well go big and portion out your ham for multiple meals.

The bone makes a great base flavour for a split pea or white bean soup.

Ham is easy to freeze so keep portions on hand for quick meal preparation. Cut up ham into cubes and portion out so you can thaw and add to scrambled eggs, pasta, fried rice, or macaroni and cheese. Freeze some thin slices to thaw and make delicious ham sandwiches like this Monte Cristo.


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