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Off The Menu: The Artist Lounge Halloumi Cheese with Tomato Jam

This summer we ran two delicious pairing dinners at the newly opened Artist Lounge. The menus were different for each dinner, but the Haloumi Cheese and Tomato Jam was so popular we kept it in the menu and had it twice!

And how could we resist this email:

“Hi, Linda.

We enjoyed last night. My favourite was the halloumi with tomato jam and fresh basil. Could I make a request for the recipe for this dish – especially the tomato jam which was simply delicious? Thanks again for contributing so much to the food and wine scene in Calgary. You do a great job!


Judy H, Calgary.”

Many thanks to Judy for requesting the recipe (and for the very kind words) and thanks very much to The Artist Lounge Head Chef Trent Bochek for generously sharing his recipe!


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