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Beef Kaldireta

Calgary’s Pacific Hut Restaurant has you covered for traditional Filipino dishes and desserts morning, noon, and night. Growing up in the Philippines, Chef Centene was influenced by his parents, who showed him how to create his first dish.

He says that traditional Filipino dishes are made by measuring your ingredients but then tasing and adding to the dish as you work. “My biggest suggestion for those who want to learn how to cook Filipino food is not to set boundaries.”

Among the dishes he prepares in the restaurant (and there’s a lot!), his favourite to cook is the Pacific Hut Ribs Special. But if you’re just starting out, he suggests trying your hand at something like adobo and beef kaldireta. “This is one of the main dishes in Filipino cuisine, and it’s the first one my parents taught me how to cook.”

Best accompanied with bread or steamed white rice, Chef Centene’s recipe for Beef Kaldireta is made with several ingredients you probably already have in your fridge or pantry, and it’s perfect for simmering on cooler afternoons and evenings. Chef’s Centene’s parting advice? “Don’t be afraid to experiment with this dish!”


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