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Chef Greg Sweeney's Butter Poached Radish with Black Vinegar and Salsa Macha

For Chef Greg Sweeney at Edmonton’s Arbour, cooking is all about quality, seasonal ingredients used in dishes that reflect his travels. “I find the regionality of the countries and diversity of cuisines to be very interesting and inspiring.” 


The menu at Arbor reflects this global view in one of two ways: front and centre, or cleverly placed. Massaman Braised Chuck, one of Chef’s favourites, is exactly as it sounds. The fried chicken, however, uses Thai curry batter and fresh lime leaves, things one might not expect to find in something so familiar. 


There’s plenty of veg options here, too, so asking for a root vegetable recipe from Chef seemed rather fitting. Butter Poached Radish was on Arbour’s menu when they first opened, so it holds a special place in Chef’s heart. “To take something like a radish, a vegetable that doesn't get much attention and elevate it to something a bit more interesting is always rewarding.” 


An homage to dim sum, these radishes are paired with black vinegar, and salsa macha is a perfect stand-in for Asian-style chili oil. It comes together quickly, too. “Be organised and have everything measured. The vinaigrette and the Salsa Macha can be prepared days ahead to make the final dish quicker to complete. If in a rush you can swap the salsa macha for any good chili crunch.” 


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