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Chef Yuksel Gultekin's Alberta Beef Shish Kebabs

Yuksel Gultekin, chef and owner of Edmonton’s Zula, sees cooking as an opportunity to put his own spin on tradition. “Traditional Turkish cooking and my mother's cooking inspire me to reinvent and reinterpret these foods for contemporary food lovers.”  


When it comes to choosing favourites on Zula’s menu, Chef Yuksel is nostalgic. “Grilled lamb has been my favourite since I was a boy and was the first thing I cooked.” But the menu at Zula is a snapshot of the diversity in Mediterranean cuisine, from feta-stuffed apricots to grilled octopus. It also boasts Brant Lake Waygu beef, and prime cuts direct from ARPA butcher in Edmonton. 


As kebabs are a staple in the Mediterranean, Chef Yuksel has shared a recipe for Alberta Beef Shish Kebabs. “This is the easiest way to enjoy a restaurant quality steak at home,” he adds. A straightforward recipe perfect for the start of grilling season, Chef Yuksel advises marinating the beef for 24 hours. “Use fresh parsley, fresh lemon, fresh garlic, and the like. It takes more time to prep, but it’s worth it.” 


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